How do I search? Go to search in menu on left, enter in search item i.e. macgregor for multi word search i.e. phillies postcards search +phillies +postcards.  Search is also located on the left menu.


Do I own everything Pictured? No the scans come from many collectors and internet auction sites.


The gallery is cut off - This can happen if the screen resolution is too small try increasing your screen resolution.


Why do this site? To better understand this hobby and identify cards and variations while the vast majority of items are cataloged and info is known about them some are unique and some information about others are just plain wrong.


I have a card to sell or wish to purchase oneIf it is an unique Rose card I would be more than willing to give an appraisal and contact collectors that might be willing to purchase them. Also if looking for a certain item I can help point you in the right direction.


I have a card not listed/catalogedPlease send a scan or detailed description of the item and I will add it. While this site is large in scope it is nowhere close to complete. It’s aim is to showcase the mainstream items and a few of the more unique odd ball items.


How do I contact youHit contact us on the top menu.


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